Forth 1 Newmains 2 30th July 2011

Forth 1 Newmains 2

Dreadful result for the Wanderers against a limited Newmains side. To make matters worse we had another two players sent off, although the referee made some baffling decisions throughout the game. The Forth goal was scored by Kris Jarvie from the penalty spot. The Newmains goals came as a result of a goalkeeping blunder and a penalty in the dying minutes.

More to follow once I’ve had a pint and cheered up. Possibly.

Two days later after some reflection, I’ll add the following points :

  • apart from the miss-kick which resulted in the first Newmains goal, keeper Clark had a decent game with one tremendous stop.
  • the sending off of Mark McKay seemed harsh, as from my vantage point he tried unsuccessfully to hurdle the keeper and avoid contact.
  • we need Kenny Wright fit sharpish to add some pace and goals to the attack.
  • the Newmains Committee win the award for the grumpiest of the season so far. It’s fair enough to laugh when the decisions go your way but not to then go crazy when they go against you. And no, I don’t believe in a bionic eye which allows you to clearly see decisions from a vantage point 50 yards away. No wonder a few of the Forth players had a word at the end …

Forth team : Clark,Napier,Gemmell,Grant,McKinlay,Stevenson,Crawford,Traynor,Harty,McKay,Grant(Jarvie)